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The Complexity of the Digital Advertising Ecosystem

Posted by Chelsea Nolan on Dec 12, 2013 10:25:00 AM

By Ron Elwell, CEO

There has been a lot of talk about the complexity of the current Digital Advertising Ecosystem. The Lumascape is often used to illustrate the messy nature of the interconnections and various companies necessary to implement a simple display ad.  But that doesn’t begin to describe how out-of-control the entire process has become.  If you would like a more technical view of what is required to place one annoying ad, that will get a 0.09% click through rate, than I suggest you read this terrific blog post by our co-founder and CTO.

Once you read that I am sure you will understand why Swoop chooses to operate outside of the entire ecosystem and provide a single end-to-end solution.  It’s the only way to provide efficiency, transparency and accountability. And it’s the best way to achieve the accurate targeting and placement required to deliver true search advertising into the content ecosystem. 

If you would like to learn more about how Swoop can extend your search campaign please contact us at sales@swoop.com.

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Where the Search Inventory Is

Posted by Chelsea Nolan on Oct 8, 2013 2:00:00 PM

By Ron Elwell

Through its dominance as the leading search portal, Google has maintained a near stranglehold on the most valuable of all Digital Search Inventory.   The immediacy and specificity of a user’s self declared interest remains the single greatest targeting signal on the web, thus driving the spend of 50% of every digital advertising dollar. 

If only there was another source of this digital gold!

Well now there is.  A happy circumstance of Google’s dominance is that publishers tailor content to what users are searching for.  Given that over 50% of a publisher’s traffic typically comes from Google this makes perfect sense.   This also means that, buried in this content are the original search terms.  In fact when you consider; that 50% of the publishers’ traffic does not come from search, that on average there are two distinct search matches on each page, and that when a user visits Google they will click on an organic link 70% of the time, there is actually three times as much search inventory on content pages than there is on Google Search Pages.   The problem is that inventory has been locked away, inaccessible to both search advertisers and publishers. 

Swoop has changed all of that, doing two things that have never been done before.  First, developing a new search engine, which takes any AdWords campaign and allows for the exact same matching strategy of multiple search queries within a single piece of content.  And second, the real time insertion of a search ad, adjacent to the search match, after all of the content has rendered.

So if you are wondering where to find huge, scalable levels of new search inventory, look no more, it is right there in the web and mobile pages you view every day.   All brought to you by Swoop.


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Content Marketing: Who's The Boss?

Posted by Nick Aquino on Feb 11, 2013 1:32:00 PM

Swoop's own Bill Powers, Executive Vice President - Corporate Development, presented at the IAB's Content Marketing Town Hall last week in the IAB AdLab. Click here to read the full article about the event and the discussion around both the concerns and opportunities publishers have in the content marketing and syndication space.
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Swoop's Dinner at Restaurant Marc Forgione

Posted by Nick Aquino on Oct 18, 2012 5:00:00 PM

By Nick Aquino

Marketing Analyst, Swoop


2012 10 17 08.57.06 resized 600Last night, Chef Marc Forgione and Swoop hosted an exclusive dinner at Restaurant Marc Forgione in Manhattan. Food brands, publishers, bloggers, and enthusiasts alike joined us to socialize, enjoy gourmet cuisine and talk about one of our biggest passions: FOOD.


At the start of dinner, Chef Forgione announced that the theme was “Childhood Memories”. Reading the menu was enough to bring anyone back to their grade school days. Bagel and Cream Cheese, PB & J, Fish Sticks and Ketchup, Baked Potato, Steak and Cheese, and Apple Pie. Chef explained that all of the night’s courses were inspired by these childhood favorites.


The simple suggestion of Childhood memories was enough to spark nostalgic conversations throughout the night about childhood experiences and shared favorites. The dinner was scored by songs that guests listened to in their adolescent years, spanning from the ‘60’s to the 90’s. Instead of placemats, guests were given images from coloring books and crayons to draw with.


describe the imageAs each course of the meal was served, we marveled at how Chef and his team transformed kid’s cuisine into rich and complex dishes. The “PB and J” was made in-house and served with English Muffins, Duck Fat, and a variety of salts. The “Fish Sticks and Ketchup” was actually Hamachi, Ginger Ketchup, Daikon Radish, and Matsutake Mushrooms. The “Baked Potato” was sour cream ravioli, leek, bacon, and white truffle. “Steak and Cheese” took the form of Strip Steak, Potato Millefuille, Huckleberry, Pierre Poivre, and Blue Cheese. Even the “Apple Pie” had its own twist, the “crust” was literally an apple.  


A dinner with a youthful theme, great conversation, and outstanding food was a formula for a great night. The Swoop Team was thrilled to share this intimate experience with our guests. Thanks to Chef Marc Forgione and all of our guests for making the night one to remember!


Click here to see the entire photo album from the night!





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Swoop News - October 2012

Posted by Nick Aquino on Oct 5, 2012 4:34:00 PM

Swoop is happy to announce our Publisher Network has eclipsed 500 sites!  By offering the intent and relevancy of search, along with the scale of the web, Swoop continues to attract high quality publishing partners to our network and continues to grow the largest food-centric marketplace on the web.  It’s becoming THE place where the world’s premier brands can have meaningful conversations and interact with interested consumers at the exact moment they declare intent and interest in their food related products.


During the month we also launched our self-service publisher portal.  This portal not only makes it simple for any blog or site to get up and running in minutes, but it also puts all the tools at your finger tips you need to control Swoop on your site. This includes the placement of Swoop icons as well as simple opt out of any advertising campaign.  If you haven’t visited the portal please do so at https://portal.swoop.com, we’d love to hear what you think, especially any ideas of how to improve the experience.   


Swoop is also pleased to announce we have launched our related content module.  Appearing as a Swoop button below a recipe, it offers up related recipes similar to the one the user has searched for and is currently viewing.  If a user has gone through your recipes and has not quite found a recipe that works, we’d rather intercept a secondary search to Google or Yahoo, offer the user related recipes from a non-competitive brand site, and have our partners get paid rather than the search engines.   

Thanks to all of our partners for making Swoop the largest digital food-centric marketplace.

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Swoop News - September, 2012

Posted by Nick Aquino on Sep 11, 2012 11:27:00 AM

Check out what's new with the Swoop Network this month!

Swoop Surpasses 350 Publishers in August

Swoop continues its solid growth by ending August 2012 with 350 publishers who’ve integrated Swoop’s one-of-a-kind Content Monetization Platform.  Swoop continues to attract top food publishers, bloggers and networks by helping them generate incremental revenue from relevant search and intent-based native advertising while also delivering unparalleled engagement for advertisers

Welcome Foodie BlogRoll!

Swoop is excited to announce a partnership with Foodie BlogRoll, a leading network of over 14,000 food-centric publishers and bloggers. Foodie will enable Swoop’s services through their existing publisher interface and offer them a simple integration, increased monetization and a great end-user experience that will differentiate their platform with potential publishers and further strengthen their existing Blogger relationships.

Swoop Partners with Coupons.com

Coupons.com digital coupons network is far and away the largest provider of digital coupons on the Web. With this partnership, Swoop’s publishers are now able to offer end users tens of thousands of additional digital coupons, at the exact moment of interest on specific ingredients and recipes.

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Content Monetization: The Future of AdTech and Native Advertising

Posted by Ron Elwell on Sep 4, 2012 5:09:00 PM

Ron ElwellThe old real estate maxim of location, location, location describes why identical houses can cost vastly different amounts based on their premium locations.  In the digital world the value of premium locations is quickly becoming devalued.   Publishers are faced with competition from an infinite amount of undifferentiated real estate.  Retargeting has created an easement across your waterfront property that allows everyone access to the beach.  Your audience is no longer your audience, it is something that can be accessed in countless ways around the web and the value of all property is trending to zero.  In fact a recent article shows a 58% increase in the number of display ads that has led to a 23% decrease in CPM.

 The fundamental problem across the industry is that all digital advertising has been about monetizing real estate. The publisher generates as many page views as possible, and on each one of those pages they run a number of ads.   In order to generate more revenue you generate more pages, more pages equals more impressions, more impressions equals more revenue.  However, as we have seen, we are now in a vicious cycle where the value of this real estate continues to fall, falling real estate value means falling revenue which means we need to generate more page views, which devalues the existing real estate which means prices fall further, which means we need to generate more real estate, which means….

 You get the picture.

 So, if the numbers are right and the trends continue what’s the way out?  At Swoop we believe the future is clear.  Native Advertising.  Stop trying to monetize your real estate and start finding ways to monetize your content.  Your content is what brought the reader to you in the first place, and it is what keeps them coming back.  Your content is what differentiates you from other similar sites or applications.  Your content is where all your unique value resides.   However, if we replicate the current real estate based ad experience inside of content, you will alienate your readers and lose your audience.  Placing Native Ads inside content has to be done completely differently. You cannot interrupt a user’s consumption of the content. You need to be respectful of the user at all times. You need to be incredibly contextually relevant so that whatever you do matches a consumer’s current mindset. Last but not least, you need to give consumers the choice of whether or not they wish to engage.

 In fact the ads must look nothing like ads as we know them today.  Instead they need to be much more akin to sponsored content.  Content that is relevant to the consumer’s interest or task at that exact moment in time.  Content that enhances the users experience.  Content that can keep them engaged and on your site.  And it all needs to be done in a way that is as scalable and as automated as the current real estate monetization tools. 

 When done correctly this can be the Holy Grail of advertising – relevant content that an advertiser pays you to provide, that the user asks to engage with, that keeps the user on your site longer and drives greater satisfaction.

 At Swoop we believe it is all about location, location, location.  But the location is not on your pages, it is in your content.  We are committed to leading this revolution to fundamentally remake online advertising into a helpful and relevant source of information for your readers, and a source of revenue that can ultimately foreclose on this broken ecosystem.

 In just 5 months since our launch we are thrilled that already over 350 publishers have agreed with us and are now partners in this effort.  While it is still early, the results have been incredibly positive and the support from publishers, advertisers and consumers has been inspiring.  Our commitment remains to bring more content and better experiences that will enhance your content and your revenue in the months and years ahead.

 If you would like to learn more please contact us at publishers@swoop.com.

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Swoop News - July 2012

Posted by Nick Aquino on Jul 26, 2012 2:59:00 PM

Swoop would like to welcome our newest publishers to the Swoop family! Find out why these Bloggers and Food Sites choose Swoop as a way to enhance their revenue through high value and highly relevant Brand Advertising, as well as provide their readers with all of the national coupons and information on local store savings.  It only takes 5 minutes to sign up and implement Swoop on your site! All you need to do is: Please email publishers@swoop.com if you have any questions about how you can start making money for you site, and start helping your readers save. We'd be happy to give you a tour of how the system works.
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Swoop on MarketWired: Swoop Dramatically Improves User Engagement and Increases Revenue Opportunities for Leading Food and Lifestyle Publishers

Posted by Nick Aquino on May 10, 2012 2:33:00 PM

Hear how we're helping publishers Cooking.com, iFood.tv, etc. increase user engagement! Click here to read more. 
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Swoop on Adotas: The Economics of Search and Publishers; the Native Advertising Opportunity

Posted by Nick Aquino on May 3, 2012 2:34:00 PM

Ron Elwell 189Swoop CEO and Founder Ron Elwell discusses how publishers can capitalize on the potential of content assisted search in this article on adotas.com. Read it here. Search is by far the largest category of all digital spend and publishers participate in none of the economics. The article discusses how publishers can understand on a deep contextual level the content that users are engaged with and with Native Advertising can create a better, faster, and more accurate search experience than most search engines. 

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